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International Savate Federation

Asian Savate Confederation


Welcome to the Website of the SAVATE FEDERATION OF INDIA. This Federation is the National Governing Sports Body for the SAVATE Sports in our Country (INDIA). This Federation has been introduced by Mr. R. Debroy.   Mr. Debroy several times participated in the NATIONAL GAMES  conducted by the INDIAN OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION and also participated to the AFRO- ASIAN GAMES as Technical Officer, He  was nominated as observer for the 15th DOHA ASIAN GAMES from the other priority sport discipline.
SAVATE FEDERATION OF INDIA is inviting members from unrepresented States of the Country (INDIA) to promote & develop the SAVATE SPORTS. The Application is requested for creation of the State Savate Association.



Aims  and  Objectives

To promote and develop the game of SAVATE both for Men and Women in India.

To maintain General Control of the game of Savate in India, Particularly with reference to the rules and regulations.

To encourage the promotion of the State Organizations for development of the game and affiliation to the State Savate Association.

To Coordinate State Activities in respect of Savate Game, in all ways, including conducting Inter-State Championships and the National Savate Championships for Sub-juniors, Juniors Boys & Girls & Seniors Men & Women

To Secure participation In International Championships / Asian / World Savate Championships.

To hold such International championships as approved by the Federation Internationale de Savate (FIS).

To take such steps, which may be conductive in general, to fulfillment of the objects of the Federation.

To Organize National Savate Championships in the country every year both for Men & Women and juniors and Sub - juniors. All India Tournaments and Inter Zonal Championships.

To maintain library to communicate the material on the game to the affiliated units.

To conduct National Teams coaching camps.

To conduct National Referee & Judges test.

To conduct All India level / Asian / International Seminars.

To Seek affiliation to the Indian Olympic Association & Recognition from MYAS.,GOI.

Mr. Dharambir Singh
Hon'ble Member of Parliament,

 Member : Standing Committee of Defense,
 Government of India, New Delhi


Dr. Rupak Debroy, NIS, MPT, M.Phil.
Associate Joint Secretary
Indian Olympic Association
Chairman - Sports Commission
(Asian Savate Confederation)

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